Monday, May 14, 2007

Inspiration Can Keep You Humble

"The guys just love this picture! Especially the older men. It's so inspirational! "

That was from a woman who bought six or eight of my photographs to decorate a new office.

I was beaming! This is shot of Lower Gooseberry Falls in Minnesota is not one of my best technically, but it's ok. I'd like to get back there and reshoot it.

But hey! The guys like it! It's a construction firm and they are getting inspiration from the out-of-doors. My work is done!

She continued: "It hangs right over the men's urinal. The older guys find it very inspirational!"

I had to laugh out loud.

I try to do my part!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Amazing Weekend!

Wow! What a weekend! ArtFest on Walnut Street in Springfield MO had the best weather in years. Normally this wonderful street show has rain for part of the show. The people come out anyway, but we're always a little wet. There were five straight days of rain before the show.

ArtFest is an unusual show -- not from the artists' perspective (wonderful fine art from all over the country. No "pretend" art in this show), but unusual in the traffic it generates. It's a tradition to bring your pet to ArtFest. Unlike other shows, it's ENCOURAGED to bring your pet. Dogs of all breeds are common, of course. But Springfield pet owners are far more creative than just dogs and cats. This year walking by I saw three monkeys, one small ape, a chinchilla, a parrot, a big white bird of some kind, a turtle and a snake. I don't think these folks were buying art, but they were entertaining.

Fortunately, other people were buying art. And this is a sophisticated art-buying public. They know art, appreciate it and want to collect it.

And, I have to say, the judges there are geniuses! Ok. And I don't only think that because I won an award: Best of Show 2D! I have won several awards, including a couple of 1st places, but this is my first Best in Show. Photographers don't often see Best in Show awards (have you seen all that amazing art out there?!!) and I'm very grateful for the recognition.

The prize money doesn't hurt either. Thank you, Springfield!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Outside the Comfort Zone

Every once in a while a shoot outside my comfort zone. I know nothing about horses, but these two wild horses in the Smoky Mountains National Park caught my attention last March. I was on a shooting vacation, searching for the relaxing time with my family and a little exercise hiking up mountain trails in search of the perfect waterfall photograph. I found this instead. I think I got a good deal.

I don't know if it will ever see the lights of an exhibit and it doesn't fit into my current body of work, or even my new work, but I like it and I can share it here.