Sunday, April 15, 2007

Venus Envy, Concluded

Absolutely wonderful show this year! Thank you to all the VE 07 Artists, Performers, Board and volunteers for making my job as exhibition co-chair so easy in such a challenging space. I won't belabor details (we got electricity a few hours before the Preview Party opened -- I was ready with flashlights!) The weather did not cooperate. Our cute little artist outfits were covered in coats. It was cold, but the community supported us. The art was terrific and the performances were amazing.

And my new work was well received -- and purchased. Again, thank you!

If you missed it, aren't you sorry? If you were there, please leave me a comment about your experience.

I have personal "thank yous" to Robin, Cathi, Rob & Sherri, Shane & Justin, Ilene & Scott, Jack & Florine (my fabulous in-laws who didn't know what they would see, but braved it anyway to support us), Harold, Nancy, Kim & Rick, Jessica & Elliana, Laura & Maryann, Walt & Sheila, Cindy, Jane, and Ilene & Scott -- many of whom are fabulous artists themselves. I've linked those who have sites. Ilene -- you need one! St. Louisans known Ilene's terrific public sculpture at CRC, Jefferson School and Adams School, among others. Thanks everyone for coming to the show.

I didn't have much time to take pictures, but snapped a few of my daughter Hannah with her henna, created by mehndi artist Suman Chandel. She'll be the coolest kid in 5th grade tomorrow. I hate to admit that her's looks better than mine. Fifty-year-old skin doesn't compare to 11-year-olds!

There were some amazing artists there. Of course, my friends Mary Beth Shaw (collage) and Rhonda Cearlock (clay) exhibited and sold tons! The paintings of Sukanya Mani are just beautiful, as is the work of Amy Van Donsel and Holly Gallaher. Sukanya and Holly had there first show at Venus, as did a few other young women.

Whew! Now, let's get ready for VE '08!


MB Shaw said...

Thanks for everything you did to make the show great. You rock!! Let's stay in touch.

Amy said...


Of course it's ok to link to my site! Thank you. I posted about the event here and here.

Thanks for all your hard work. I'm looking forward to next year.

Take care and stay in touch.