Thursday, August 16, 2007


I hate it when people brag about their volunteer work, but I'm just going to have to -- because Shamon found a FOREVER FAMILY!!!!! I'm bound by my contract not to show his photo, but you can see it here:

Two years ago, an amazing woman and photographer, Dana Colcleasure, founded the Missouri Heart Gallery Project. She organized about 70 fine art portrait photographers all over the state to volunteer their time to produce inspiring portraits of children awaiting adoption. The fine art portraits look SO MUCH BETTER than the snapshots of kids up against and brick wall, and truly show their personality. The exhibit travels the state and people see the photo, make a connection and want to meet the child. This year, already 39 kids have been adopted and there have been 1800 inquiries! How wonderful is that?

Last year I photographed two children, one who was adopted. I was so thrilled! This year Dana asked me to photograph 7 children, mostly kids with disabilities. Because my son has multiple disabilities, she knew I had some experience in that realm.

When I asked Shamon how he wanted to be photographed, he KNEW he wanted to be Batman. A studio fan got the cape flying and he took posing direction great (that is, AFTER he got over the disappointment of not wearing his Batman mask!

Now I can't wait to hear about the other kids!

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Wombats said...

Aww! That makes my heart shine!

The Heart Gallery works because of people like you!