Monday, September 15, 2008

Tough Year for Art Lovers

This is a tough year. The economy is tanking. The weather has been deadly. Gas prices ... well, let's just say most of us don't get a share of those huge oil company profits.

There's a trend in times like these: people want beautiful, inspiring things around them, because everything else seems so bleak.

That's certainly been my experience this year. Collectors, patrons and "everyday" art lovers need that one special piece -- that oasis of beauty or inspiration or personal connection that our art represents for them. 

Art isn't a luxury anymore. It's a sanity-saver.

It's been a tough year to go to art fairs too. I'm grateful for every single person who comes out in the rain and nasty weather. This year of art fairs has seen more than just rain. Microbursts, tornados and straight-line winds have destroyed hundreds of thousands of dollars of art at fairs this season.

This weekend I was at Lakeside East in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. We set up after dark - in the rain. We finished setting up Saturday morning - in the rain. There was a record 7 inches of rain in Chicago. They cancelled the show for Sunday, so after close on Saturday we torn down and packed up in the dark -- and the rain. The urban streams were flowing in the streets and basements. Still people came to see and buy art.

Thank you.


MB Shaw said...

So sorry about the rain - just glad you got home safe and sound. What a bummer. Good luck at St. James and I hope you will have perfect weather :-)

Spillar said...

OH least I broke down when it was light out. I hope you had better sales than I had.

I will see you in Louisville!!

Have a wonderful day


Heather Haymart said...

I love your slide show scenes from art fairs. I remember those ponys from Springfield! That was wild.
It was great seeing you this weekend at Lakeview. I hope the next fair is much much better for you.

MB Hoar said...

Hey Jeanne,

I found your blog through ArtFairInsider newsletter. Hi to Mary Beth, Sharon and Heather (I sat next to you at Grape Arts (hubby was wine host). Did any of you do Memphis this year? I was waitlisted. How was it?

Mary Barge Hoar

mbhoar said...

Woops, I'm getting ahead of myself. Memphis hasn't happened yet. Let me know how it goes.